Founder of Natabeyra
Natabeyra was founded by Dilia K. Travieso. Dilia was born in the Dominican Republic, moved at an early age to Puerto Rico, and was then raised and educated in New York State, USA. She attended College and Law School in New York. She started her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County, where she prosecuted criminal cases for eight years. Then, she went on to work for the NYC Department of Education, ensuring that incompetent pedagogue was removed from the NYC schools and that schools were in compliance with the city, state, and federal laws. Thereafter, Dilia went on to work for the NYS Division of Human Rights as the Director of Compliance, where she ensured the agency’s departments and policies conformed to the state mandates. Finally, she worked as a Court Attorney for an NYC Civil Court judge. In addition, Dilia spent twelve years working as an adjunct professor at a private college, instructing students in criminal law in preparation for their future careers in the criminal justice field. Furthermore, Dilia always had an interest in Real Estate, which she implemented by purchasing, renovating, renting, and selling real estate in NY. As a result, she obtained an NYS real estate broker’s license. The name Natabeyra derives from Atabey, the Taino Goddess of creation or nature. Natabeyra was created in response to an ancestral call to return home to the motherland and allow her suppressed entrepreneurial spirit to flourish and create the business she always dreamed of. Once Dilia arrived in the DR, she settled in Las Terrenas, which remained her number one vacation destination, despite her travels throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Immediately upon arriving, she began looking for opportunities to invest in real estate. To this end, Dilia purchased a Villa, which she renovated, lived in, moved out of, and currently rents on AIRBNB as a super host. She also purchased a small plot of land, which she later sold, and re-invested it into a larger piece of land to be developed in the future. Moreover, since she arrived in Las Terrenas, Dilia has been successfully brokering property and land deals and short & long-term rentals. These first-hand experiences have provided her with a consistent client base. They have made her very successful, allowing her to enjoy the opportunity to combine her passion for service with her love of real estate. Dilia’s unique insight, as both an investor and as a realtor in the Dominican Republic’s real estate market, her legal expertise, and world travel experience make her the best realtor to guide and educate you in taking the proper steps towards your investment dreams.